3 Toilet Plumbing Issues That Homeowners Face In London

Published on August 6 2020

Believe it or not, the toilet is one of the most important seats in a home. With proper installation and maintenance, it can last for many years. And that’s where people in London are concerned. But still, they face several issues which lead them to call professional plumbers. However, this article has introduced some issues that they face related to toilet plumbing in London. And you should go for the same approach if you encounter the same problems. Now, take a look at the following passage to know these.

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Here Are a Few Household Toilet Plumbing Issues

You should take the help of professional plumbers if you face any of these following issues.

Trickling Of Water Constantly

While passing by your bathroom, have you ever heard a sound of toilet bowl refilling with water? Well, this issue is referred to as “phantom flush”. It means the refill mechanism in the toilet bowl has turned off. This issue occurs when a small leak takes place between the bowl and the tank. The leak usually occurs around the flapper seal. Under these circumstances, you need to get the worn flapper replaced.

Trickling Of Water into the Tank

You may have heard a sound of hissing water comes from the tank portion of the toilet. This sound occurs when water makes its way through the inlet. It happens because of faulty float, valve assembly, etc. And these are the first things the professional plumbers examine.
To fix this problem, they check the float to ensure whether it is in the right position. They also examine the position of the refill tube. If both of these function properly and the problem persists, you need to get the entire ballock assembly replaced.

Clogged Toilet

It’s a common issue that homeowners face. It usually occurs due to flushing of random objects and the lack of maintenance. However, freeing the clog may not be a pleasant process. Several tools should be used to make this task easier. And that’s what the professional plumbers in London Posses always. The plunger is great in this regard. So, call the expert if you face this issue.

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